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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

SLDBA - Poplar Bluff, MO

Here's a race report for the SLDBA Poplar Bluff 2006 event.

Turnout was 58 boats - 9 Pro Mods, 9 PE, 9 TE, 13 ME and 13 SE couple ofclass changes, tossed motors and a PWC make the numbers correct). Can give you finals on PM, PE & TE - didn't catch the rest, was too busy.

PM - Ken Deffenbaugh v. Jarrett Silvey. Gone Crazy & Hyperactive. Silvey red lit; Deffenbaugh got the win

PE - Dave Schmidt, Jr. v. Steve Wagner. Wagner won - pretty sure no red lights or breakouts

TE - Jim Dunn v. George Loomis. Mojo & Spoiled Rotten. Loomis red lit - Jim Dunn got the win.

Nineflat Barb

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